Why Consider a Heat Pump Installation This Time Around?

December 2nd, 2013

After years with a furnace working to keep you warm in your home, you’ve decided to switch to a new heating system. Or maybe you are planning to move into a new house, and you no longer enjoy the idea of using a boiler like you had in your former home. A third option that you should consider is a heat pump, which transfers heat instead of creating it by burning a fuel, making it an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to furnaces and boilers.

If you decide after this that you do indeed want heat pump installation in Wickliffe, OH, call Apple Heating & Cooling to handle the job. We have over a quarter of a century of experience providing Northeastern Ohio with quality comfort.

Heat pumps are both air conditioners and heaters

The main reason you should consider installing a heat pump in your home is that they can serve two jobs: air conditioner and heater. Heat pumps use the air as a medium for heat exchange: they extract heat from the air and then move it to the air in another location. During the winter, the heat pump takes the heat from outdoors and moves it indoors. When hot weather arrives, you can switch the direction of the exchange and remove the hot air from inside your home and move it outside. Two problems, solved with one installation!

Heat pumps will save you money on your heating bills

Because heat pumps simply transfer heat, they use very little energy to keep your home warm. The reason for this is that furnaces and boilers must burn fuel to create heat. However, heat pumps do not need to create heat at all; they instead shift heat around. The downside of this is that they may need supplementary heat when the temperature outside gets very cold and they aren’t able to transfer heat to your home efficiently. Many heat pumps have electric resistance coils for these situations, and they can also be pared with a furnace that will only turn on during very cold days.

However, as much as we support the heat pump as a home comfort solution, we understand from our years of experience that heat pumps will not work for every house. Your home has unique heating requirements, and perhaps a heat pump cannot meet them. The only way to know is to consult with HVAC professionals who have the expertise to gauge what type of heater will best serve your house.

Contact Apple Heating & Cooling for more information about heat pumps, and to get excellent heat pump installation in Wickliffe, OH.

The History of Thanksgiving

November 25th, 2013

Thanksgiving is upon us: a time to get together with relatives, eat some great food, watch a little football or the parade, and stop to appreciate the good things we have in life. Beyond all that, however, there’s a fascinating history to the holiday and its traditions.

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621 in the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts. Records are spotty at the time, but indicate that the harvest was particularly good that year due to help from the local Native Americans. The meal was probably much different than the one we’re used to, with venison and fish more likely than turkey, but the general principle was unchanged.

It wasn’t a few centuries later, however, that Thanksgiving became an annual tradition. George Washington called for a “national day of Thanksgiving” in 1789, and again in 1795, but they were both “one shot” declarations, rather than a call for an annual tradition. Individual cities and states picked up the ball, but it wasn’t until 1863 that Thanksgiving became a national once-a-year event. President Lincoln declared the last Thursday in November to be a Thanksgiving “to heal the wounds of the nation and restore it.”

From there, it remained a tradition until Franklin Roosevelt signed a law in December of 1941 making it a federal holiday. The law also changed the date from the last Thursday in November to the fourth Thursday in November, making it a little earlier in some cases (which Roosevelt hoped would give the country an economic boost).

Wherever you celebrate the holiday and whoever you choose to celebrate it with, we wish you nothing but happiness and joy this Thanksgiving.  

Is a Gas Boiler Right for My Home?

November 18th, 2013

With new technological advances in home heating occurring every year, you might think having a boiler—especially one using gas power—seems a bit “old fashioned.” However, natural gas-powered boilers have advanced with the rest of the HVAC industry, so gas boilers today can have energy efficiency as much as 50% better than models from 20 years ago. Natural gas boilers rate high in the U.S. Department of Energy’s survey of the heating efficiency of current systems.

Apple Heating & Cooling installs a variety of heating systems, and we can handle your Eastlake, OH gas boiler installation. However, you might wonder if your home is eligible for installation. What do you need to get the benefits of a natural gas boiler?

If you already have a natural gas line coming into your home for a fireplace, hot water heater, kitchen stove/oven, or previous heater (such as a gas furnace), then you are definitely eligible for a gas boiler. The installation process will go smoothly with the available gas lines, and the professional installers will have few problems getting your current natural gas supply connected to your new boiler.

However, if your home doesn’t use natural gas, then you can have a pipe system installed to bring natural gas to your home—although this is not always an option with every house. It’s important that you have the advice of professionals regarding your choice for installation, since they can determine the most cost-effective method of heating your home.

The other thing to keep in mind when you are installing a boiler is that you will also need to have baseboard radiators installed in your home. If you currently have a forced air heating system, there will be a cost involved in switching from ducts to radiators to circulate the heat throughout your home. However, boilers have lower maintenance requirements, heat more evenly, and tend to last longer than furnaces. They are also quieter and don’t circulate indoor air pollutants throughout your home. Talk to your contractor about whether or not radiators are the right fit for your home.

Whatever questions you have regarding gas boiler installation in Eastlake, OH, you will get honest answers from Apple Heating & Cooling. We’ve served Eastlake, OH and many other towns with superb heating and cooling services since 1985. Make us your first call when you’re ready to have a new heating system installed.

Can I Schedule a Furnace Installation Without Existing Ductwork?

November 11th, 2013

Furnaces are among the most common options for home heating, and they’ve maintained their popularity over the decades because of continual technological improvement. The natural gas-powered furnace in particular offers high levels of heating power combined with energy efficiency.

However, furnaces provide warmth through forced air, and that means they need ductwork to distribute heated air throughout a home. So if you don’t have existing ducts in your home, does this mean that a getting a new furnace installation in Willoughby, OH is out of the question?

Not necessarily. But it does depend on your home: if a furnace really will give you optimal heating for your house, then you should consider custom duct design to go along with your furnace installation. Apple Heating & Cooling not only installs gas furnaces, we also have more than a quarter of a century of experience with duct design. If you are getting duct installation so you can enjoy the benefits of a furnace, then contact us.

Quality ductwork is essential for getting the most from your furnace. If the new ducts in your home aren’t put in professionally or are poorly designed, it can mean leaks and breaks that will impair your furnace’s efficiency and lead to dust and debris contamination that will lower the quality of your air. Make certain that the ductwork you have installed is ideally designed to fit your home’s needs.

However, keep in mind that maybe a furnace isn’t the right system for your home. Before settling on getting ducts installed along with a furnace, contact professionals for advice. Perhaps a boiler, which doesn’t require ducts, will give you better heating. This is a major decision that will affect your comfort through a large part of the year, and you don’t want to make the wrong choice. Experts can use special tools and methods to learn the heating needs of your house. If you bring in an HVAC company that also specializes in duct design, you’ll have an even better sense of what heating system will work for you.

Apple Heating & Cooling offers both top-quality duct design and furnace installation in Willoughby, OH. If you think a furnace is the best option for your home, but you don’t have existing ductwork, you should contact us for the advice and service that will serve all your needs.

Why You Cannot Wait to Schedule Gas Boiler Repair

November 4th, 2013

Like a lot of towns in OH, Ashtabula sees its share of homes with older heating systems, such as gas boilers. And, as with any heating system, gas boiler repair issues can crop up when you least expect them. It may be enticing to hold off on making repairs, especially if the problem isn’t bad enough to stop the boiler from functioning. This can be a huge mistake. The sooner you address a lingering problem with your system, the better. Here’s why you cannot wait to schedule that repair.

The main reason is that problems with your system trend to create more problems. In general terms, it involves a cascading effect which takes place whenever you have a component that isn’t functioning as it should. That component in and of itself may not be enough to stop the entire boiler from working, but it will cause the rest of the system to work harder in order to achieve results. That puts more strain on the system as a whole, increasing the chances of other components suffering breakdowns as well. Sooner or later, it will be enough to shut the entire system off, and when it does, you may be looking at four or five components in need of fixing, not just one. That invariably costs more than it might if you’d addressed the need when it first became apparent.

Moreover, the loss of efficiency that comes with declining to repair your boiler as quickly as possible means higher monthly energy bills the longer you wait. It essentially act as a “waiting tax,” charging you money for as long as you delay. All of that comes on top of the increased possibility of a breakdown at the worst possible time, leaving you without heat just when temperatures outside are at their coldest.

If you need gas boiler repair in Ashtabula, OH, contact someone who can help. Apple Heating & Cooling can handle issues with your gas furnace while maintaining the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. Call us to set up an appointment today.

Willoughby Heat Pump Repair FAQ: Are My Fan Blades Bent?

October 28th, 2013

A heat pump is an excellent way to warm and cool your home: by exchanging heat, either moving it into your living space or out of it, a heat pump can provide you efficient temperature control for any time of the year.

However, a heat pump needs to have all its components working precisely to give you the service you want from it. If you experience trouble with the fans responsible for moving air across the evaporating or condensing coils, or the blower fans sending heated and cooled air throughout your home, your heat pump’s performance quality will drop significantly. A specific problem you may have with the fans in your heat pump is when their blades are bent. This can occur because of an infiltration of debris, and it most often happens with the outdoor fan. Bent fan blades will not only impair the fan’s performance, the twisted blades will inflict damage on the interior of the heat pump’s cabinet.

Get repairs completed as soon as you can for bent fan blades: contact professionals, since you don’t want to work on a fan on your own. Apple Heating & Cooling has more than 25 years of experience providing heat pump repair in Willoughby, OH, so trust your repairs to us.

You’ll know that your fan blades are bent when you hear an unusual clanging or striking noise coming from either the indoor or outdoor cabinet of your heat pump. This indicates the distorted blades are striking against the casing. The fans need careful balance to do their job, and any distortion will cause them trouble. However, those same sounds could indicate fan belt issues or motor problems; please don’t try to open up the cabinet and investigate on your own: summon HVAC professionals to make the diagnosis.

One of the best ways to deal with bent fan blades is to find a way to prevent them from getting bent in the first place. This is where preventive maintenance will help you: an annual inspection will catch trouble that could lead to debris infiltration and busted fan blades. Join the Discount Club at Apple Heating & Cooling to enroll in maintenance and receive other benefits as well. If you need heat pump repair in Willoughby, OH—or you to want prevent needing repairs—contact us today.

How to Upgrade Your Heating in Mentor, OH

October 21st, 2013

A heating system is a vital part of your home, helping you stay warm and cozy when the winter snows start to fall. And when it comes to heating, Mentor, OH homeowners want to make sure they get the most out of their existing system. No one wants to think about a wholesale replacement of an existing heater, but you can accomplish a great many things by upgrading your system or adding new features to it. The specifics depend on what you need, but a qualified service technician can spell out the options for you and help you set up a plan of action. Here’s how to upgrade your heating in Mentor, OH.

In the first place, determine exactly what you want out of an upgrade.

  • Are you hoping to spend less on heating? You can do that by installing a new, more efficient system, or by adding things like an energy recovery ventilator to reduce the amount of heat that goes to waste. Adding insulation to your home and sealing air leaks can also cut down on heat loss.
  • Would you like a system that lets you warm one area in your house at a time?  A zone control system can allow you to keep different sections of your home at different temperatures. This will not only make your home more comfortable, but also help you save energy.
  • How about a system that lets you turn the heat on and off automatically? Adding a programmable thermostat can help you save energy by automatically changing the temperature in your home by time of day, so you can keep your home a little colder during times it is usually empty or while you are sleeping.

Following that, a technician can conduct an inspection of your system, ascertain which upgrades are available, and provide you with an estimation of the costs. He might also be able to estimate what you’ll save in monthly energy bills.

From there, it’s simply a question of setting a date for installation, and letting the technician get to work. A good upgrade will have a warranty attached for parts and labor, as well as a professional installer who treats your home with the same respect and courtesy and his or her own. In that sense, you have a reliable source to help upgrade your heating in Mentor, OH. The experts at Apple Heating & Cooling can go over your options with you and help you heat your home while saving money. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

3 Common Mentor, OH Heating Problems

October 14th, 2013

When it comes to heating in Mentor, OH, households understand that you can’t let problems slip. Reliable heating is the key to surviving our long, cold winters, and when your heater runs into problems, you need to spot them and call for help as soon as you can. Heaters vary widely in make, model and function. Thankfully, almost every problem boils down to one of three basic variations, all of which can be readily detected. These 3 common Mentor, OH heating problems can usually be solved by a trained technician, provided you notice them before more extensive damage occurs.

  • No power or air. If your unit fails to turn on, or it turns on but won’t blow any air, obviously it can’t heat your home. Certain components in the heater will automatically shut off if they are overloaded or damaged in order to prevent further damage. Power could also shut off it there’s problems with the internal wiring, triggering and overload and activating the circuit breakers. If the unit is on, but no air is blowing, you may have a broken fan or possible blockage in the system. There may also be a problem with the thermostat, misreading the temperature or flat-out broken.
  • No heat. If the air is blowing, but is too cool, something is likely wrong with the heating mechanism. This depends on the kind of heater you have – it could be a problem with the electrical coils, the gas heater, or a number of other components – but without it, your heater will labor to do its job (wasting energy and costing you more in monthly heating bills).
  • Inefficient functioning. It may be that your heater continues to function, but that faulty components retard its overall efficiency. This can be the trickiest sort of problem to detect, since the unit still warms your house. The best way to do so it to monitor you monthly heating bills. If they go up without an attended increase in heater use, you’re likely looking at a significant problem.

Once you spot one of these 3 common heating problems, the next step is to talk to a service technician. He or she can pinpoint the source of the trouble, and enact a plan to repair it. The Mentor, OH Heating experts at Apple Heating & Cooling are standing by, so give us a call today.

Why Switch to Geothermal in Willoughby Hills, OH?

October 7th, 2013

Before getting into the core of this post—the advantages of getting a geothermal heating and cooling system installed in your home—we need to stress that not every household or property will get these benefits. Before you start thinking about the type of geothermal system you want, you need to know if it’s even a viable option. Contact experts to find out if geothermal heating in Willoughby Hills, OH will work for your home.

For a professional opinion and fast, efficient installation, turn to Apple Heating & Cooling and our staff of geothermal specialists.

Geothermal heating and cooling benefits:

  • They’re environmentally friendly:  Is there a more natural a way to heat or cool your house than to have the earth do it? The closed loop of a geothermal system means there are almost zero emissions that pollute the environment: no greenhouse gases, no ozone-depletion.
  • They’re dependable: There is little fluctuation in the heat energy coming from inside the earth, which means that the heat pump will function more efficiently than an air source heat pump, and it will work even if the outside temperature drops below freezing.
  • They’re efficient: Geothermal systems can extract more than six times the amount of heat than they use in electricity—and they use far less electricity than standard electrical heating and cooling systems.
  • They’re safe: Without emissions or power sources that use natural gas or propane, geothermal poses little risk to you or your family from toxic gases. They also have little chance of causing fires.
  • They’re quiet: With most of the work occurring in coils underground, geothermal systems make no noise outside the home, and almost none inside.

If you are currently debating replacing your existing heater or air conditioning, we hope you’ll consider geothermal as an alternative. Although they take extensive work to install, putting the task in the hands of installation experts will make the job go fast and with few complications. If you’re willing to give geothermal in Willoughby Hills, OH a try, contact Apple Heating & Cooling. We’ll see that you get the right system, and provide you the professional installation and maintenance that will keep it working for many years.

Ensuring a Successful Furnace Installation in Wickliffe, OH

September 30th, 2013

If one of the ways you’re preparing for winter is scheduling a new gas furnace installation, then you need to make sure that it gets done right. If a gas furnace receives an improper, amateur installation, it can lead to inefficient heating, breakdowns that require expensive repairs, and, worst of all, potential safety hazards from gas leaks.

But it isn’t as hard as you think to get a good furnace installation, and if it’s done right you will have less trouble in the future. Our Wickliffe, OH furnace installation specialists at Apple Heating & Cooling can tell you what to do to get the job done correctly the first time.

The initial step for installing a gas furnace is to select the proper sized unit for your home. This entails more than assessing the size of your house: you must also take into account your house’s insulation, the number of windows, how many people live there, the heat generated from appliance use, and many other factors. An HVAC professional can do a heat load calculation that takes all this information and comes up with a good idea of how large your new heater should be.

Once you’ve determined the right size, your technician should walk you through the installation plan. But not just any company and staff will do… make sure that the technicians who come to install your furnace have the proper experience and training to do everything right. It is best if they are NATE-certified: NATE stands for North American Technical Excellence. It is the only certification the whole HVAC industry supports. A team of NATE-certified technicians handling your installation means you have some of the most knowledgeable people in their field working for you.

Apple Heating & Cooling has performed gas furnace installations in Wickliffe, OH for over 25 years. Not only do our technicians have the necessary experience to give you a successful installation, but they are all NATE-certified. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the work we do. Contact us today to set up an appointment.