Eastlake, OH Air Conditioning Tips for Better Efficiency

During the long, hot days of summer everyone loves to come home to a cool, comfortable house. While a great air conditioning system is an effective way to keep your home cool, the high costs of energy these days can make doing so efficiently a challenge. Do not let prohibitive power bills dissuade you from turning on your AC. Take these tips for better efficiency from the Eastlake, OH air conditioning experts at Apple Heating & Cooling to heart, and you’ll be able to enjoy the comfort you deserve at a cost you can handle.

One important thing to remember when operating your air conditioning system is that you have an opportunity to give it a rest each night. Shutting down your AC when darkness falls and temperatures drop is a great way to boost energy efficiency, and opening up your windows to let fresh air in is an effective way to ventilate your home for improved indoor air quality. Remember to shut your windows and draw the blinds when you get up in the morning to trap the cool night air in.

Another way to get a more efficient performance from your air conditioning system is to take advantage of any ceiling fans in your home. While ceiling fans do not actually cool air down, they can help to evenly distribute cooled air from your AC. This will result in improved efficiency and will allow you to raise the temperature at your thermostat a bit without sacrificing comfort.

By far the most effective way to boost energy efficiency throughout the cooling season, though, is to schedule routine air conditioning maintenance with a qualified technician. Call to do so if you have not already had an annual maintenance visit. Only when every component in your air conditioning system is operating properly can you hope to get the most efficient performance it has to offer.

If you have any questions about keeping air conditioning costs down or you would like to schedule service with the Eastlake, OH air conditioning pros you can truly count on, contact Apple Heating & Cooling today. We have the answer to all your questions.

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