Willoughby, OH Air Conditioning Repair Question: Why Is My AC Turning On and Off Frequently?

As we slowly shift our gears and prepare for the heat and humidity in Willoughby, OH, you may have already tried out your AC. Spring is a great time to make sure that everything’s in order. Your AC works in cycles, moving pressurized refrigerant through coils, and air through ducts. During normal operation, the cycle should last as long as it takes to reach the desired temperature in your home and then turn off. But it shouldn’t be turning on and off too frequently; that’s known as short cycling, and it indicates that your AC is not working properly. We’d like to address this concern. For excellent Willoughby, OH air conditioning repair, contact the experts at Apple Heating & Cooling today!

Let’s look at a few reasons why your AC is turning on and off frequently:

  • Inappropriate size: Air conditioners are rated in BTUs and tons for the amount of cooling they can produce. It’s critical that the AC be the right size for your home. If not, then it may be subject to short cycling for the rest of its cooling life. This is typically the case if the AC is over-sized; it may also make your home too cold and increase your energy bills.
  • Thermostat fault: Your thermostat is responsible for communicating with the air handler in order to bring the home to your desired temperature. But if it’s not calibrated properly, or broken, then it may cause inaccurate sensing.
  • Frozen coil: A common cause of the frozen evaporator coil in the indoor unit is a clogged air filter. When the cold air generated by the evaporating refrigerant in the coils cannot move quickly throughout the ductwork, then it begins to build up, and this can cause the condensation on the coils to freeze. Many ACs are equipped with a defrost mode that will shut off your AC in the event that the coil isn’t working.

These are just a few reasons why your AC may be short cycling. When you need excellent Willoughby, OH air conditioning repair, call Apple Heating & Cooling

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