Is Your Home’s Heating System Increasing Your Energy Bills?

There are many ways to reduce the amount of energy your home’s heating and cooling system uses. Here are some simple questions to ask.

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Is your home’s heating or cooling system over-sized? A little extra horsepower serves as insurance, right? Wrong. In order to reach peak operational efficiency, a system has to run as long as possible to meet loads. An oversized HVAC system tends to short-cycle, leading to several possible risks:

  • Higher operational costs resulting from inefficient use of energy and wear and tear on the equipment, causing possible failure.
  • Air in the ducts fails to maintain a consistent temperature, leading to occupant discomfort and frequent thermostat adjustments.
  • Inadequate removal of moisture from the air, leaving the home uncomfortably damp and a possible breeding ground for mold. This is one of those things about HVAC system design that isn’t necessarily intuitive — a system performs better when it runs longer.

Is something wrong with your ductwork? We find most homes have incorrectly sized and poorly designed ductwork which leads to problems with airflow. One item we measure on every forced air system is static pressure (air flow resistance). High static pressure can cause higher electric bills, stress on the heat exchanger, decreased efficiency, and increased noise levels. High static pressure can shorten the life of your equipment. No one wants to invest in new, high efficient equipment only to have it perform inefficiently and break down prematurely. Our approach allows us to identify any existing ductwork issue and offer solutions to homeowners.

Regular heating system maintenance is also an important step in reducing the energy use of your system. By having your system services 2-4 times per year you can save on your monthly bills and ensure that your heating or AC system is running as efficiently as possible. Schedule a maintenance visit with one of our expert heating technicians and they can also give you some excellent suggestions for reducing the energy use of your home comfort system. Apple Heating & Cooling provides service in Mentor, Wickcliffe and the surrounding Ohio areas. Call us today for excellent customer service you wont forget!

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