How Zone Control Systems Can Increase Efficiency: Willoughby Heating Tip

With energy costs seemingly always on the rise increasing energy efficiency is a goal that many homeowners share. Modern heating and air conditioning equipment makes it easier than ever before to improve energy efficiency as you heat and cool your home. There are plenty of ways to improve the efficiency of your existing system, though, even if you are not yet ready to replace your system with a newer, high-efficiency model. The installation of a zone control system in your Willoughby home is one such way to boost energy efficiency. To learn more about the zone control system options available for your home heating system call the energy efficiency experts at Apple Heating & Cooling today. Our professional heating and air conditioning service technicians have years of training and experience to ensure that you are able to heat and cool your home in the most efficient way possible.

Zone control systems allow you to create different temperature zones in your home which can all be controlled and maintained individually while still using the same heating and cooling system. This really opens up your home heating and cooling options, allowing you to manage the temperature in different areas of your home separately from others. In the winter, for instance, you will want to heat your home to keep it comfortable. If you are having company over for the holidays, though, and have the oven, stove and dishwasher continually running throughout the day, chances are that that kitchen will be considerably warmer than other areas of your home. That would mean that you’d be uncomfortably hot in order to maintain a comfortably warm temperature in different areas of the house or you would lower the temperature to cool off the kitchen while sacrificing warmth in other rooms. With the addition of a zone control system you do not have to make this decision.

A zone control system allows you the freedom to keep the living room or play room warm for the kids while the adults are able to handle the cooking – and the heat – in a kitchen that is less heated. In addition to keeping everyone comfortable this capability also allows you to boost efficiency. After all, there is no sense heating or cooling empty rooms all day. With a zone control system you can keep occupied spaces comfortable throughout the day and still have a cozy bedroom at night. Simply adjust the zone control system shortly before bed to attain the desired temperature and enjoy the comfort.

If you have any further questions about zone control systems, their operation or their installation call Apple Heating & Cooling today. We have the answers you need to decide if this is a good way to improve efficiency in your Willoughby home.

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