Mentor, OH Furnace Tip: Common Gas Burner Repairs

No matter what type of gas furnace you have installed in your Mentor, OH home, sooner or later it will require professional repair. Problems may arise with your pilot light or thermocouple, your furnace may be noisy, or the blower may not turn off. Whatever your concerns, Apple Heating and Cooling has a team of gas furnace repair specialists who can have your heating system back up and running in no time. Call Apple Heating & Cooling today.

Your Mentor, OH gas furnace has a simple purpose: it takes in cold air from outside your home, and filters, heats and distributes it to the rest of your home. The heating stage involves a gas burner, which heats up the natural gas or propane from your supply tank. This energy conversion process is controlled by the thermostat—as the temperature in the home falls below your desired level, the fuel supply permits gas to flow into the burner and a pilot or electric ignition system ignites it. Once combusted, the gas is exhausted from the heat exchanger through a vent to the outdoor air. There are several common problems with your gas furnace that should be diagnosed by your Mentor, OH furnace technician.

  • Pilot light-When using propane or natural gas to heat your home you must have a functional pilot light. As the name suggests, the pilot light drives the gas burner area by providing a source of ignition. If your pilot light goes out or fails to light properly, the passage from the gas supply to the light may be clogged, there may be a strong draft, or it your thermocouple may have failed.
  • Thermocouple-This electronic device senses whether or not the pilot light is hot enough to ignite the gas. If it detects the flame is weak or simply not there, then it shuts off the gas supply valve. This is designed to be a safety feature, but a damaged thermocouple can lead to unreliable or inefficient furnace operation.

There are a variety of different gas burner problems that may arise during the lifetime of your furnace. If your heating system in Mentor, OH requires a professional diagnosis, call Apple Heating & Cooling today. 

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