Preparing for the Willoughby, OH Heating Season

Although it’s not quite time to panic about shopping for the holidays, the cooler months are rushing up on us now in Ohio. The air conditioner will go off, and your heating system will come on. But before that happens, you should know how to prepare you system for the cold. Apple Heating & Cooling has been helping residents with heating in Willoughby, OH for many years. Below are some tips for how you can prepare for when the cold hits.

  • Check for leaks around windows and doors: However you heat your home, it will be far less efficient if warm air finds ways to sneak through your walls. If you do discover leaks around your windows and outside doors, get them sealed up before the cold weather starts. You can hire a professional to help you get this job done so that it lasts.
  • Upgrade your thermostat: The thermostat is the way you control your heater, but it’s also something people take for granted. If you don’t have a programmable model, you could be missing out on ways to save energy. A programmable thermostat gives you control over when the heaters turns on and off while you’re away. A newer thermostat will also offer pinpoint temperature accuracy to help keep your bills low.
  • Clear the area around outside vents: Just as you want to keep debris and obstructions away from your outdoor air conditioning unit during the summer, you want the area around the exhaust vents clean during winter. For your heating system to work well, it needs to circulate air properly, so make sure the vents have room to breathe.
  • Regular preventive maintenance: “An ounce of prevention…” This old adage applies to your heating system as much as it does to your personal health. The best way to avoid any serious breakdown or other troubles during the cold months is to have a specialist give your heating system a check-up. A highly trained technician will inspect your ductwork and your furnace or boiler, as well as gauge their heating efficiency. Get any repairs done as soon as possible.

With our 24-hour service, Apple Heating & Cooling stands ready to assist you in your preparations for the coming months. Let us improve your heating in Willoughby, OH. Contact us today and let us get you prepared for the winter so you won’t get left in the cold.

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