Mentor, OH HVAC Question: What Causes Air Duct Leaks?

The ducts in your home are responsible for circulating hot and cool air throughout your home. They are one of the most important aspects of central heating and air conditioning forced air systems. When they become cracked, dirty or damaged, you can lose up to 30% of your energy efficiency. That’s why professional duct sealing is so important. Apple Heating & Cooling provides complete duct sealing in Mentor, OH. You can rely on us to inspect, diagnose, and repair your duct leaks. Call us today to learn more about the full range of duct services that we provide.

Common Causes of Duct Repair in Mentor, OH

  • Wear and tear. Over time your ductwork can get loose at their joints. Whether it’s from being jostled by other construction projects in your home, or by shifting things around in the attic or basement, these types of leaks can allow lots of heated or cooled air to seep outside.
  • Physical damage. Depending on the type of ductwork in your home, they can also suffer direct physical damage. It may not be major, but you should call a pro to have it diagnosed.
  • Improper installation. The potential for air duct leaks is greatly increased if your ductwork has not been properly installed. Always choose a certified heating and air conditioning technician. Here at Apple Heating & Cooling, our team of skilled duct installation experts have experience with a wide variety of homes. We can work with you to make sure your ducts are installed correctly the first time.

Air leakages in your ductwork can not only cost you money, they can also impact the comfort of your home, and cause other parts of your heating and cooling system to work harder. If you’re concerned about the efficiency and effectiveness of your home’s ductwork, you might be interested in a duct inspection. For more information about Mentor, OH ductwork repair and sealing, call Apple Heating & Cooling today.

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